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About Us


Born and raised in Egypt, Mirna has always expressed her love for art and fashion from a very young age.  The Egyptian Designer launched her luxury brand as a form of artistic self expression and depiction of all the elements she identifies with.


After graduating from high school at the age of 17, she travelled to Milan to pursue her dream ofstudying Fashion Design at one of the most prestigious universities in the fashion industry. Following her graduation from Istituto-Marangoni, she moved back to Egypt, and started working to fulfill her dreams of becoming an established Artist and Fashion Designer. 


Aside from working on her career as an artist in the entertainment industry,She launched her Luxury Brand in May 2018.


As a brand, Mirna Nakhla is a representation of the founder and designer’s love for History, Cinema, Music, & Art merged with her heritage and roots. It’s the manifestation of the Golden Age of Hollywood and its Icons along with the rise of the music scene during the free spirited and liberating days of Woodstock, mixed with her Ancient Egyptian Heritage and Arabian Roots.


To preserve the artistic identity of the brand, each and every piece is locally manufactured and assembled by egyptian 

craftsman and artisans.

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